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  So what's there to say, here?

  I'm a middle-aged man, who used to be a computer programmer/data analyst, but now I'm a forklift operator.  That's a strange career change, isn't it?  I find that my new career suits me better than my previous one did.  I can still play with computers as a hobby.  Driving a forklift isn't so feasible as a hobby.  My apartment is fairly small, and I very much doubt if my landlord would like what a forklift would do to the nice hardwood floors.  The only practical way to enjoy forklifting is to do so as part of one's employment.

  I work for a very old, very big, very famous, and very well-respected company.  This company makes several well-known lines of food-related products, but is most famous for soup.  Think of the very first brand of canned soup that comes to mind.  Yes, I work for *THAT* company!

  I'm married, since 1995, but no children, unless you count a cat and a dove as children.

Some of my microscopy images…[edit]

  Another hobby of mine is microscopy.  I inherited my father's microscope when he passed away in December of 2008; and soon thereafter discovered that I could take spectacular pictures through it with a cheap digital camera.  I've added some of my pictures to appropriate articles here on the Wikipedia.  You can see many more at my FaceBook album.

  My earliest photomicrographs were taken using a Kodak DC3200.  At some point, when it became unreliable, I bought a Sakar 87690 at Wal★Mart for sixty dollars, which I have been using ever since.

  No fancy equipment or methods are involved.  I just point the camera into the eyepiece of the microscope, and take the picture.  When I first tried this, my expectations were very low.  I was aware of the existence of various specialized cameras and adapters for this purpose, costing hundreds of dollars, and figured it likely that such would be necessary to take good pictures this way.  I have been very much surprised and amazed at the quality of the pictures that I have been able to take using this relatively crude method.