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Hi, my name is Max. I go by a few different names, but that's the one I'll stick to for now. I'm a genderqueer college student in the USA. I study computer science, classics, and digital music; my greatest aspiration is to one day program and write about analog and digital synthesizers or to work in sound design. Unfortunately, since starting school, I have not been editing Wikipedia as frequently as I used to, but I still do things here and there, and I'll usually catch messages on my talk page within a couple of days. Most of my work lately is related to synths.

Some information about the contributions I've made to Wikipedia can be found below. You'll notice that section is written in almost all-lowercase letters. Sorry! I tend to oscillate between whether or not I want to use correct capitalization. But of course, I always try to use proper grammar in articles.

what i do on Wikipedia[edit]

i have a pretty fair knowledge of web markup (HTML/CSS/JS) and MediaWiki parser functions. but, i don't do a lot with templates here on Wikipedia.

here's some other info about me: contribs · user rights · edit count

if it appears i've done something wrong, let me know.