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Hey! My name is Brady and I am currently a student at St. Charles Community College. I plan on transferring to Mizzou for a degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (Ultrasound)once I finish all of my necessary prerequisites and get accepted into their program. I currently work at Kohl's department store as a cashier and love it because in my free time, I like to go shopping! Over the summer, I volunteered at St. Joesph Hospital's emergency room cleaning out rooms and assisting the nurses. Well, that's pretty much the basics about me! See ya!

Psychology 101 Assignments[edit]

  1. Created Wikipedia account
  2. Created a username
  3. Signed up under under class list
  4. Introduced myself to Shelby Vines
  5. Added Psych. 101 Assignment section to user page
  6. I critiqued an article on Stranger Anxiety here at Talk:Stranger_anxiety. I am also interested in editing these articles:
    1. Isolation
    2. Obscene Phone Call
    3. Herpetophobia
    4. High-Functioning Alcoholic
  7. Added WAP Psych Student template to user page
  8. Added additional information and citation to Stranger anxiety
  9. Edited Maddie Weissborn's sentence that she added to Stranger anxiety which also so happened to be the same article that I had added a sentence to for my citation assignment.
  10. Edited Lauren Wilmes's sentences to the article on Fidgeting.
  11. Added my username to the Article Database for Deaf Hearing
  12. Added possible sources to use for the Deaf Hearing article in my Sandbox.
  13. Added 3 paragraph and citations to Deaf Hearing Sandbox