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Course description[edit]

Introduction to Psychology is an introductory overview of the field of psychology. It is an examination of behavioral, cognitive, psychoanalytic, humanistic and biological viewpoints in psychology. The course includes learning principles and applications, motivation, emotions, stress, psychobiology, personality, abnormal behaviors and approaches to therapy. The course fulfills Associate of Arts general education requirements.

Assignment overview[edit]

Ultimately, you will be either creating a new psychology article or improving an existing psychology article on Wikipedia. Even though you are amateurs in the field of psychology there are many 'stub' class articles on Wikipedia that you will be able to significantly improve. Treat this assignment like a research paper, but instead of turning it in to me, you will be contributing to the sum of all human knowledge on Wikipedia.

It is important for you to follow instructions and not get behind in following the assignment timeline, there will be little or no credit for late assignments. If you are struggling with any aspect of this assignment see me during my office hours ASAP.

My general advice is to worry firstly about generating good content (doing the research and writing it up), and secondly about the technical aspects of Wikipedia. Remember that you can edit any page on Wikipedia so if you don't know how to do something, find where someone else has done that and copy them. This is assignment is incremental, so don't get behind. If you are having any trouble at all please come see me during office hours!

Instructor and Ambassadors[edit]

Mitch Harden
Campus Ambassadors
  • Elonka 00:01, 19 September 2011 (UTC)
Online Ambassadors
Cind.amuse (Cindy), Mike Christie (talk), Cullen328

Assignment timeline[edit]

This is a summary of the key due dates and the expected timeline for the Wikipedia-related assignment(s).

Section 1 (17 January - 6 February[edit]


  1. Create a Wikipedia account
  2. Create a user page containing:
    1. Information about you
    2. Psych-student template
    3. A Section listing your class-related activities
  3. Sign up on the list of students at the bottom of this page.
  4. Practice using talk pages with other students
  5. Engage in Wikipedia article related talk
  6. Help protect the Wiki
  7. Write a reflective essay
  8. Read and Write about psychology-related Wikipedia articles

Detailed list[edit]

Creating a Wikipedia account (50 pts)
Creating a user page (50 pts)

Adding yourself to the user list (30 pts)
Practice talk with classmates (30 pts)
Now try talking in the mainspace (repeatable up to three discussions for credit) (30pts ea / 90 pts max)
Anti-vandalsim (repeatable, up to six patrols for credit) (15pts ea / 90 pts max)
Wikipedia Reflective Essay 1 (150pts)
Wiki-research 1 (150pts)
  • Psychology-related article grading scheme
  • Good Psych-related article
  • Psych-related stubs
  • Write a 2-5 page paper summarizing two psychology-related Wikipedia articles (one good, and one stub). Explain what makes the good article good, and what makes the stub insufficient. Suggest ways that the stub could be improved. Do you think that the good article is accurate, and could it be considered a reliable source for academic writing?

Current Students[edit]

  1. Lashley15 (talk · contribs · sand)
  2. RoseBowen (talk · contribs · sand)
  3. Bahia95 (talk · contribs · sand)
  4. MTHarden (talk · contribs · sand)