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Lucia Black/Magical JXR
Author Lee Sun-young
Illustrator Kine In Aqua
Publisher South Korea Haksan Culture Company
English publisher United States Canada UDON
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Party
Collected volumes 5

Magic JXR (매지컬 JXR)is a Korean Manhwa following two wizards named Jay and Aru in there efforts to pass there test in order to graduate from their Wizard academy. It was originally released in and was released in




Jay is an over achieving wizard at wizard academy who draws power from water. He is Aru's partner and constantly gets mad at him for being lazy and some times dumb. He occasionally gets angry and yells at Cho-ah and Aru. He has been seen to have a soft side and comforts his friends when they are depressed and often does them favors without asking them.


Aru is lazy and over emotional wizard at his wizard academy along with Jay as his partner. Aru draws power from fire making he often gets emotional and has a weakness for candy, specifically peach flavored candy. he is very kind and often tries to cheer Cho-Ah when upset.

Cho-Ah Nam

Cho-Ah is the daughter Taekwondoe Olympic champion, and due to her father, she learned to give fierce high kicks before learning how to spell. Because of her fierce high kicks, most people are afraid of her and perceive her as male. She is often seen to have an interest in Märchen, specifically Alice In Wonderland.

Mr. Mats

Mr. Mats is the teacher of Aru and Jay. He is always scolding them whenever they did something wrong but he also comforts them when they are feeling down. When he "explodes" because of madness he transforms into a bear.

Mr. Ode

Mr. Ode is the principal of the Magic School. He has the highest rank with the highest level of the school authority. He is very unpredictable and scary person but sometimes shows that he is delighted by the performance of Jay and Aru and laughs too much.


Kaseh is a level 2 trainee who use water magic. He offered Jay to be his partner but Jay declined his offer. After that he reunited with his parter again and it seems that he is pretty popular in the Magic School.


No. Korean release date Korean ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 December 18, 2007 ISBN 978-1-897376-61-4
2 April 29, 2008 ISBN 978-1-897376-62-1
3 November 18, 2008 ISBN 978-1-897376-63-8
4 April 7, 2009 ISBN 978-1-897376-64-5


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