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Steps to scheduling[edit]

Scenario 1 - nomination at TFAR

1. Open the TFAR nomination and make the following changes:
|monthyear=December 2014
|passed=<!-- When closing discussion, enter yes or no -->
|date=<!-- If successful, add the date in "month day, year" format -->

|monthyear=December 2014
|passed=<!-- When closing discussion, enter yes or no -->yes
|date=<!-- If successful, add the date in "month day, year" format -->January 1, 2015

2. Copy the blurb (including the {{TFAIMAGE}} and save the nomination page.
3. Remove the nomination from the TFAR page (and the summary chart).
4. Go to Wikipedia:Today's featured article/September 2016.
5. Click on "create".
6. Paste the blurb that you have copied from the nomination page.
7. Go to the previous day's TFA blurb (in this case, Wikipedia:Today's featured article/February 29, 2016) and open it.
8. In the "Recently featured" line of the 1st March page, add the previous day's TFA with italics as necessary followed by the previous two TFAs (which will be the first two listed in the previous day's blurb.

  • 8A: When scheduling for the following month (and at this time of year, the following year) you need to change
to specify the month/year, so that the archive link goes to the right place. If you're scheduling on January 14th 2015 for January 28th 2015, for example, you don't need to do this.

9. Save the page.
10. Go to talk page of the scheduled article, and open it.
11. In the {{article history}}, add |maindate= 1 November 2016 (where "x" is the relevant date) and save with an appropriate edit summary. This bit used to be done by a bot but until FACBot adds it to its list of tasks I've been doing it manually.
12. Notify the principal author(s) of the forthcoming appearance (which also used to be done by a bot ).
13. Update User:Brianboulton/TFA notepad.
14. Update WP:TFAREC - as it's the start of the month you need to start a new monthly subpage, e.g. Wikipedia:Today's featured article/recent TFAs/November 2016

15. Remove the TFA from WP:FADC or WP:FANDC.

Scenario 2 - free choice

1. Choose the article you want to schedule.
2. Go to e.g Wikipedia:Today's featured article/November 2016.
3. Click on "create" for the day you want to schedule.
4. Write the blurb and add the image.
5. Steps 7 to 13 as above.

Once it spots that a new article has been scheduled, a bot will apply move protection to the article, so you don't need to worry about that (you only need to worry about move protection if you're rescheduling as the bot won't spot changes within a block of scheduled TFAs, as it only spots new ones added.

Bencherlite has set up WP:TFAREC so that it always shows the current month's TFAs, the TFAs in the previous 5 months and (if the pages exist) the TFAs in the following 2 months. He also finished Wikipedia:Today's featured article/TFAs in 2014 and started Wikipedia:Today's featured article/TFAs in 2015 in a way that should mean that nobody has to touch it for a year, as it will just add new months when they are created.

Closing withdrawn nominations[edit]

Just a reminder that if a nomination is withdrawn or rejected it needs to be closed and the details added to WP:TFANO.

  • "Subst:" and "no", instead of "subst:", "yes" and "date". When adding to TFANO, just follow the pattern: date of nomination, name of article, link to discussion, comment as to why not selected.