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Nickname(s) "Salty"
Allegiance  Canada
Service/branch  Royal Canadian Navy
Years of service 2009-present
Rank Lieutenant (N)
My former username was CFnavymars, I am now known as CAF RCN MARS.Verify

Wikipedia Contributions[edit]

I'm just starting out on this editing stuff. I think I will start with:
-learning how to edit
-solve the unnecessary DDH/DDG problem (they are all supposed to be DDG) *fixed*
-creating RCN specific rank pages
-any other CAF (mostly Navy) current details
-remove/fix red links, references are bad for this
-float around discussion pages and help solve disagreements
-random punctuation and such


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Today's never-changing featured article

The knot is a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour, which is equal to exactly 1.852 km/h and approximately 1.151 mph. (more...)

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a brain in the initial stages of mental math