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Thanks for illustrate biographies, your effort is appreciated. Emijrp 08:58, 1 December 2007 (UTC)

Welcome to my user page!

I joined Wikipedia on 13 June 2006.
I have made contributions and edits to over 4,900 unique pages.
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Article Contribution DYK?
Battle of Guzów creation Symbol question.svg 5 June 2007
Janusz Piekałkiewicz creation Symbol question.svg 10 June 2007
Lajkonik expansion Symbol question.svg 28 June 2007
Feliks Kon expansion Symbol question.svg 11 August 2007
Kuryer Polski Wikify Symbol question.svg 25 August 2007
Roy Lunn creation Symbol question.svg 02 May 2008
Oskar Sosnowski creation Symbol question.svg 07 June 2008
Electrosport creation Symbol question.svg13 July 2008
Harry Hartz expansion Symbol question.svg 18 August 2008
Hudson Greater Eight expansion Symbol question.svg 26 November 2010
EyesOn Design creation Symbol question.svg 23 March 2011
Harold Tovish creation Symbol question.svg 26 July 2013