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My area of expertise is electrical engineering, specifically information theory. My interests include academics, California, technology, engineering, computer science, politics, television, vegetarianism, and popular music. Favorite pages to contribute to include:

I generally don't start articles (the last of these being a notable exception), although I have been known to add redirects, add to redirects, and take redirects and change/correct them into full-blown articles (e.g., Johann Tobias Mayer).

My biggest disappointment with Wikipedia was years ago:

in which a incredible number of Wikipedia processes, policies, and guidelines were ignored and violated by the admins themselves, along with the dictionary definition of the word censorship. I suppose certain aspects of the Wikipedia adminsitrative process are more Orwellian than I'd first thought from my years here: "Consensus" is the average opinion of those who agree with the administrators, and "censorship" can only be avoided by removing information, both templates and photographs.