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Welcome To My User Page!!![edit]

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My Uploaded Pictures[edit]


Image:Jubilee Odyssey.JPG|Jubilee Odyssey Image:Closed Sign At The Entrance To The Queue Line.JPG|Closed Sign At Entrance To Queue Image:Millennium Roller Coaster.JPG|Millennium Roller Coaster Image:Dragon's Apprentice.JPG|The Dragon's Apprentice Image:Boomerang (Pleasure Island).JPG|Boomerang Image:Hydro Max.JPG|Hydro Max Image:Alakazam.JPG|Alakazam Image:Jubilee Odyssey Station.JPG|Jubilee Odyssey's Station Image:Jubilee Odyssey Lift Hill.JPG|Jubilee Odyssey's Lift Hill Image:Jubilee Odyssey Brake Run.JPG|The Final Brake Run Of Jubilee Odyssey Image:JUbilee Odyssey's Lift Hill.JPG|Looking Up Jubilee Odyssey's Lift Hill Image:Jubilee Odyssey's Cobra Roll.JPG|Jubilee Odyssey's Second Inversion; The Cobra Roll Image:Mid Section Of Jubilee Odyssey.JPG|The Mid Section Of Jubilee Odyssey Image:Jubilee Odyssey's Corkscrew Inversion.JPG|The Last Inversion Of Jubilee Odyssey Image:An Overview Of Jubilee Odyssey.JPG|Most Of Jubilee Odyssey Image:Jubilee Odyssey's Station.JPG|Jubilee Odyssey's Station Viewed From Near The Market