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This my user page in Wikipedia.

I just edit when I find something wrong, which is not a typo.

Sometimes I add content.

And when I find problems between different pages I prefer to ask first so someone which understand the issue, would answer. I have not found a problem which I understand enough to solve the problem by myself.

About Me[edit]

Well I'm Chilean, living in Chile. I'm very interested in history in general and culture, and what if, but I like to much wandering thru Wikipedia reading where the links guide me.

I really like the idea of Wikipedia because It's the best way to give the knowledge to the people.

I also support other "Open" initiatives like the "open software" or Project Guthenberg.

My fields of knowledge are International relations, history in general, and many popular culture pieces of information (specially about music, TV, cinema and the Internet) which most people would call "trivia".

I can also help with Civil Law issues.

I'm interested, althought my knowledge is not extensive, in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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