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Hi, I'm Cameron. I'm not a frequent contributor to the Wikipedia page, but I've found a reason to place my two cents in on an article, so thought I may as well register. Don't expect much, as Wikipedia is a go-to source of information, and most of my favorite topics are already covered sufficiently to justify a lack of participation on my part.

Actually, I take that back. There are a lot of wikinazis here. I'm now removing extraneous content as I see fit. People are putting requests for citations in where common sense alone dictates that such is unnecessary.

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For me, Wikipedia is defined as "Great Information, Bad People". While a lot of articles tagged for cleanup do genuinely look as though they could benenfit from rearrangement, or an overhaul, it seems that the community of contributors is a bit too full of self-important individuals. I feel that a lot of "I don't like your writing style, so I'm going to say that your article is worthless, because I didn't write it" is occuring.

I've come to question a lot of the things I've seen on Wikipedia from an editorial standpoint. A lot of articles are being tagged as "market speak" or "biased", and this is suprisingly untrue. Marketing materials and wording are designed to make you believe that Product X in inherently vastly superior to Product Y. From what I've seen so far, any "real" marketing attempts are suspiciously absent from Wikipedia. You people need to start applying a certain level of common sense and restraint to yourselves. Just because you've made it to Mod status doesn't mean you are allowed to stamp dissenting opinion into the dust.

About Me[edit]

If you would like to know more about me, and things that I have done, kindly re-direct yourself away from this page, to the following: My Uncyclopedia Page, where my editorial skills and exuberant style can be more appropriately studied.

Discussion and Contact[edit]

Contact me at my wikipedia talk page, or go to the link above, and hit my Uncyc' page. I'm far to prolific for my regular prose to ever be featured on this site... and I've way too much anger to spit out for most proper WP page.

Besides, it's not like I'm on Myspace, ranting about my poor cat and her hairballs, or how my friend Matthew is "totally dating a slut, that bastard".

Or, God Forbid, Encyclopedia Drammatica. I shudder to think...