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Camilo Sanchez has been a Wikipedian for about 180 months


I have been a wikipedian for a number of years now. Like everyone else in the community I like to contribute here and there, although I am mostly focused on pages about Latin America, Colombia and any content related to the Wikiproject Colombia.

I go by my real name as I believe there is no chance for impersonation, in addition to that I have a User Committed Identity in this project. I am a visual artist. You can visit my website if you wish to learn more if you wish to learn more about my work.

I am originally from Bogota, Colombia. I am fluent in English and Spanish. I rarely contribute to the Spanish Wikipedia as I believe my contributions are better suited for the English language as my country's main language is Spanish.

My main interests are art, comics, drawing, painting, web development, programming, artificial intelligence, quantum mechanics and psychology.

My views on Wikipedia[edit]

English Wikipedia[edit]

  • Currently a pretty mature project that should start turning its focus to the permanence of good articles and restriction of editions that decrease the quality of articles.
  • The increasing number of guidelines make commonsense additions difficult as these guidelines are sometimes used by more seasoned editors to keep articles biased towards their views, opinions or beliefs.

Spanish Wikipedia[edit]

  • Although its growth has been slow, I believe the concept of rejection of some trivialized additions gives it credibility, however who has the authority to define what is trivial and what is not?
  • Translations from the English Wikipedia has made some articles lose its local Latin American view.


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