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The song follows a narrative style for most of 5 verses, with Eazy E himself as the protagonist for the first three and part of the fourth, which then segues to another group, primarily 'Kilo-G', who made an appearance as a side character in the first verse. The first three verses, and again part of the fourth are in first person view from Eazy, roughly of the course of a day, then he switches to a third person reporting on events, which by all practical measure must have occurred sometime after the events of the day. Rather than taking the story through a typically conflict-climax-resolve type of story, the verses, loosely connected, are more of a meandering through the day in the life of a 'boy' in the 'hood', or can be even be seen as independent vignettes. The events and state of mind of the narrator in the transitions between verses is not consistent, which could be heard as the events not being part of a comprehensive story, or could actually be reinforcing the detached attitude the song's subject would have about observing or perpetrating violent events.

The chorus is only thematically related to the events in the song, expanding upon the description of the 'boys' in the 'hood' for an unacclimated listener. In a prologue, not included in all edits of the song, starts the event of the day.


In a prologue, not included in the original release of the song on N.W.A. and the Posse, the events of the day start with waking up late in the day at a location unrevealed to the listener, but a plan to depart to Compton, California in short time. Eazy expresses a desire to drink alcohol to a point of inebriation, relating that to concerns from his mother about the company he is keeping. Outside of his house, young men are indicating gang affiliation with the use of gang signs. Eazy arms himself with a MAC-10 pistol and brandishes it, and the presumed gang members move along. He gets into his car, identified as a 'fo' (four) (later identified as a 1964 Chevrolet Impala) and describes his use of a height adjustable suspension and an Alpine brand audio system. Eazy then breaks the fourth wall somewhat, describing playing the track Gangsta Gangsta from his group's N.W.A. 1988 album, then goes meta and announces he playing his own song, which is in fact the rest of the original version of Boyd-n-the-Hood.

In the first verse (originally, later preceded by a prologue), Eazy describes cruising in his 'six-fo', a 1964 Chevrolet Impala, interacting with neighborhood women whom he labels with derisiveness. He goes to a park with a goal of learning of any new and developing events, and encounters persons there playing basketball. At some point later, another character 'Kilo-G' arrives, possibly as a Chekhov's Gun for his later involvement in events. He is driving a Chevrolet El Camino and declares a consuming view of the crime of grand theft auto.

In the second verse, Eazy learns from another person, 'Donald B', that a friend, 'JB' is using narcotics, specifically is Freebasing an unnamed substance. Eazy's friendship with JB has been strained since he caught him attempting theft of an Alpine brand car audio component. He attempts to reconcile with JB. JB brandishes a .22 caliber weapon, but is not aware of Eazy's posession of a 12 gauge shotgun. He kills JB, an event that appears on the front page of the Los Angeles Times.

The third verse has Eazy in a state of boredom, and further going to places where his friends are. He starts consuming alcohol, starting with a 40 ounce of Olde English 800. His interest turns to seeking the sexual companionship of a female romantic interest. Arriving at her home, the two proceed to argue, which turns violent and results in Eazy striking the woman. The woman's father is also at the home, and loudly expresses discontent. Eazy throws a boxing style punch and renders the man unconcious. The father's advanced age is noted.

The fourth verse starts to deviate from the style in the song thus far. Consistent with his earlier consumption of alcohol, Eazy's driving style varies from aggressive to controlled. Nonetheless, an auto accident occurs, with the 1964 Impala strking a utility pole. He notes he can afford to simply purchase another at his convenience and proceeds to walk home. During the walk home, he observes a car driven by a new character 'Kat', and in the passenger seat 'Kilo-G', who interacted with eazy during earlier events at a park. This car makes U-turn and the car is pulled over by undercover police, who are driving a Chevrolet Nova. 'Kat' sustained injuries from the officers as he resisted arrest, in an apparent reaction to the damage to an item his Guess brand clothing during the arrest. Eazy, still observing the events, but reporting as a third person, notes that the incident will be 'Kilo-G's fourth violation of the law, and posits that Kilo-G will be incarcerated for some time.

First person narration than ensues in the fifth verse, as Eazy attempts to post bail for the two suspects, but discovers the court has refused it due to their conduct in the county jail. The next line describes the appearance of the two suspects in court, but it is unclear if Eazy is personally observing this, or has shifted to the role of third person narrator. Kilo-G has a bout of flatulence and the disruption is noted by the judge. Kilo-G received a six year sentence, but is unemotional about the term. He yells out in alarm, to which a previous unknown accomplice, 'Suzi' enters the court bearing a Uzi submachine gun. She is quickly neutralized by police without injury. The verse ends noting that both Suzi and Kilo-G are each incarcerated for the crime of attempted murder.

Storyline Analysis[edit]