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Captain Jason M. Smith, or Captain Jason, as what most of his friends refer to him as, began his career in private law enforcement shortly after his honorable discharge from the United States Army in an enlisted position in the Signal Corps as an electronics technician working on high security cryptographic machines for the voice (Ciphony). The term Captain actually refers to one of his professional titles as a Captain of Security. This rank was achieved midway through his career in the (U.S.) Private Security industry of over twenty years. Through these years, Captain Jason has been involved in many private protection projects, both contract and proprietary, and is known for his innovative approaches to public protection on private property. Several of these projects include the Security Plus System with Security Intelligence Agency in the late 1980's (which was hailed by a lead member of the U.S Federal Bureau of Investigation's Behavioral Science Unit in Quantico as "most comprehensive"), the innovative Graffiti Wall Program in a proprietary position as a Lieutenant of Security Engineering in the early 1990's (which reduced graffiti vandalism in the target area by over 97% nearly overnight), as well as the Community Security Program with West Oaks Security and Investigations in the mid 1990's (which won awards by the local community neighborhood watch group for reducing crime in the entire area surrounding the project zone). The approaches of these projects, although different in styling, have always maintained his belief that crime happens to an area, not just one property. Jason M. Smith is a multiply published non-fiction and reference author on the various subjects within the field of private security with an emphasis on the differences in powers for public and private law enforcement officers, specialized approaches to apartment complex security in high crime districts and private narcotics enforcement procedures and operations. Additional credits include certification as a US Federal disaster worker under the Community Emergency Respose Team (CERT) of FEMA, qualification in California Superior Court as an 'Expert Witness,' and various awards, citations, memberships, certifications and recognitions by the U.S. Department of Justice (Bureau of Justice Assistance), California State Assembly, the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (PC 832), the County of Los Angeles, the City of Palmdale (California), the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the California Organization of Private Police, the National Criminal Justice Association, the International Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association, various Private Security Agencies, and even a Neighborhood Watch Group. In 2004, Jason M. Smith became the lead administrative officer of a new, non-profit, private security research and development organization for the betterment of the professional standards and image of the industry as well as the dissemination of new tactics and technologies into the industry. This organization, known as the Protective Science Dynamics unit, was previously the security enforcement arm of The Lighthouse Child Ministries, which counts among its programs several Substance Abuse Recovery (Sober Living) homes. In this capacity, Captain Jason was positioned within the parent non-profit corporation as a Corporate Field Manager with the title of Director of Security. In May of 2006, after Captain Jason and Dr. Daniel C. Wolfsen, MD, reinvigorated the direction for the organization, the Protective Science Dynamics unit separated from The Lighthouse Child Ministries. The mission statement was revised to state, "Research, development and implementation of programs, technologies and techniques to prevent or reduce crime," and Protective Science Dynamics became a Non-Profit Corporation (IRC 501(c)3) in its own right to better facilitate the prompt implementation of these innovative approaches to prevent or reduce initial and recidivist criminal acts. Captain Jason was then unanimously elected by the new Board of Directors to be the President and Chief Administrative Officer. Eventually, he stepped down fromt he position of President of the Board to concentrate further on his duties as Chief Administrative Officer, although he is still referred to by the board as either "Founding President," or the "President Emeritus," interchangeably. In additon to his duties as Chief Administrative Officer, and in keeping with his belief in constantly advancing the education and skills of every officer, Captain Jason recently returned to school to acquire an advanced degree in Criminal Justice at Kaplan University, where he is continuing towards his doctorate in Criminology.

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