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Hello there!

As a long time user of Wikipedia I felt that I should sign up and stand by my edits. I read articles here everyday and for the moment tend to want to correct the basics - grammar, spelling, syntax and suchlike - so as to make the articles more readable.

As I am still fairly new to editing I have just spent another evening reading about 1/1000th of the different guidelines.
Let's just say that editing Wikipedia is: a lot of fun; a huge challenge; very time-consuming; a bit of a headache sometimes; and a huge learning curve to familiarize onesself with all of the guidelines.

As for the languages, I have been an English language trainer for adults in France for the last eleven years so don't funk with the Force!

Please feel free to point me in the right direction if you feel I need to read up on some Wikipedia guideline.

Thanks, knowledge is power.

And praise Jar Pastafari!

CaptainScreebo Parley!

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Useful stuff it takes me ages to find: Infobox templates listing; templates concerning sources.

Useful tools: Duplication Detector for copyvios.

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