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Out of the mouths of Demons![edit]

A friend of mine who works in the field of deliverance passed along some great quotes from your friendly everyday sick, twisted and demented demon who wants to destroy all of mankind.

Demon George (hate) August 2006 lamenting the fact that he's a demon. George was obtained by the victim after having used what he thought was a game, a Ouija Board from childhood into his twenties.

Here are some of the best of quotes. Mind you, he was under Angelic pressure when he made these revealing comments.

  • "He said if we revolted we could never come back to Heaven. I didn't listen. I didn't listen."
  • "We can't go to Heaven. Never, we're in hell for eternity, for all time."
  • "Heaven... Heaven is nice. Hell is terrible. It's not fair. God forgives humans. He won't forgive us. It's not right. I hate you."
  • "Hope is good. I have no hope. I'm in hell."
  • "I was an angel of Heaven once. I made a mistake and followed satan, he lost. Things were more fun before Jesus came. We are afraid of Him. He will send us away."
  • "Jesus Christ is God and man. He beat satan when he died on the Cross. He conquered satan. It's true."
  • "Satan can't win. God is the Creator of all things."
  • "Scientology is the work of satan. Satan uses people to do his work."
  • "His father was a Freemason. They mock Christ. Freemasonry was started by satan."
  • "Herman's granfather Harris was also a Freemason. They mock Christ, they worship satan. Lucifer is satan. Lucifer is his name also."
  • "Demons can't see the future, but they can guess well. We have been around for a very long time and we can see patterns as to what will happen."

Some comments made reluctantly as well by George when he was used as a messenger for the injured party, by God.

  • "I hate you... God... He will provide... Trust in God. He loves you... God knows what will happen before it does, we don't (demons). God is all powerful. Jesus... He won... He won... He beat satan. Satan lost... Don't make me... Satan lost. He's in hell. He hates... I hate you. We'll kill you... We can't... I lied. I can't kill you. I want to... God loves you."
  • "Christ is Lord and Savior. He is God and man. The Catholic Church is the true Church. It was started by Jesus. Pray for communion... Pray that the churches will become one in the Catholic Church. I don't want to tell you this. God wants all his children to follow Christ. I hate you."
  • "Pray for peace and love among God's children."
  • "He loves you. Don't worry trust in the Lord God. Turn to Jesus for all things. The Holy Mother is very important. The Protestants are misguided about her and the Saints. I don't want to help you anymore... F**k you! S**t! F**k head! Pig!"