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Fyodor Dostoyevsky on notability: "To me he is noteworthy, but I decidedly doubt that I shall succeed in proving it to the reader...I quite agree that it is superfluous, but since it is already written, let it stand." -- The Brothers Karamazov

Douglas Adams on Category:Wikipedia articles in need of updating: "The Galaxy is a rapidly changing place. There is, frankly, so much of it, every bit of which is continually on the move, continually changing. A bit of a nightmare, you might think, for a scrupulous and conscientious editor diligently striving to keep this massively detailed and complex electronic tome abreast of all the changing circumstances and conditions that the Galaxy throws up every minute of every hour of every day, and you would be wrong. Where would be wrong would be in failing to realize that the editor, like all the editors [Wikipedia] has ever had, has no real grasp of the meaning of the words 'scrupulous', 'conscientious', and 'diligent', and tends to get his [or her] nightmares through a straw. -- So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Jean-Jacques Rousseau on WP:TRUTH: "Let us therefore begin by setting aside all the facts, for they have no bearing on the question." -- Discourse on Inequality

T. E. Lawrence on Arabic names: "There are some 'scientific systems' of transliteration, helpful to people who know enough Arabic not to need helping, but a washout for the world. I spell my names anyhow, to show what rot the systems are." -- Seven Pillars of Wisdom