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I am Carlos and I am living in the suburds of Paris. I'm twenty five years old and I create articles in the french version of wikipedia under the nickname Chic. My english is very small and I don't think to stay here every time.I try only to correct some articles in relations with France and Chile. According to a test done with the CFICIL my english level is B1 ( I'm able to take part in a simple conservation). This is the truth?? I don't think that is the right way because my last english lesson was in 2003 for the high school diploma Baccalauréat.

My nickname is Chic-ism because, I love the music group Chic and the bass player Bernard Edwards.

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{{Infobox musical artist | Name = Chic | Img = Chic79.jpg | Img_capt = Chic in 1979; From Left: Bernard Edwards (bass), Alfa Anderson (vocal), Luci Martin (vocal), Nile Rodgers (guitar), Tony Thompson (drums)