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:: My WikiProjects
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:: Current project
  1. This is now a TV show, and should not have the (radio) beside it
  2. "The Blame Game" should not go straight to the American page, as there are several shows with the same name.
  1. Adding summary boxes to all the Digimon
  2. Filling them out as best I can.
  1. Giving the character pages an out of universe perspective
  2. Making sure there is no rubbish added.
:: Declaration
This page layout was stolen mercilessly from Blankfaze
Hello, I am called Conúil.

I am Irish, but at the minute I study in Dundee, Scotland.

What I do at Wikipedia[edit]

I edit Lost and Digimon pages mainly, but do other things as well. Thats what I really enjoy and am into. However, I read Wikipedia extensively and help out where I can. You can look at my contributions as well. You might also notice what I'm working on, on my sandbox


A little can be learnt out about me by viewing which countires I have visted and some of my opinions can be seen on my userboxes page. I hope you enjoy it.