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Questions from Collect[edit]

  1. Does opening a case imply that "sanctions must be applied"?
  2. If an arbitrator is not disinterested in an editor (such as openly and strongly criticizing an editor's edits on the editor's talk page) has the arbitrator ceased to be impartial with regard to such edits?
  3. Is it ever proper to allow an "accused" an extremely short period of time to respond to accusations made when the editor was actually far from home for an extended period, such as offering under three days to respond to several thousand words of "new accusations"? Ought the "clock be stopped" in order to allow fully reasoned responses to such "new accusations" and "new evidence"? And where an arbitrator provides their own evidence in a "proposed decision," ought the accused be permitted to actually reply to such "new evidence"?

My ratings are in regard to the answers given to these questions, and only these questions and answers. I would note that I have no "grudge lists" at any time, and never have. And I have opposed RfAs for a person and then supported the same person in ACE - I honestly treat every encounter as though it were my first.

Note: These ratings are solely with regard to the questions asked. If, for some reason, the issue you are most concerned with is whether the person is an admin, or anything else whatever, you can ignore these grades, but that is de gustibus. My goal is to find people for whom these issues count.

A ratings: Kelapstick, Courcelles, AGK and MKDW (Order random).

B ratings: Fred Bauder, Robert McClenon, DGG and Gorilla Warfare (Random order again)

C ratings:

Lourdes, Joe Roe and Isarra.


Silk Tork (for personalizing the answer to far too great an extent. I see no reason for such behavior, but will not condemn it. )

Drmies (for making personal comments quite inapplicable to having me actually figure out his answer.)

I endeavored to make the questions as neutral and universally applicable as possible, so I can not grade personalized answers. I trust you all understand. To give them an "F" would sound like I keep a "grudge list" and I keep no such list, as several candidates can vouch for. Thank you for reading this.