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6 Seats means 6 or less supports and the rest Neutral/oppose.


Questions from Guerillero[edit]

Thank you for running for the hardest and most thankless job on the project. I am rehashing most of my 2015 questions because I don't think that these issues have been resolved over the past three years. Enjoy!

Current Disputes and Cases[edit]

  1. What are your standards for banning someone from the project compared to a topic ban or some lesser sanction?
  2. Nearly every case involves violations of the civility policy in some way, shape, or form. At one time, a remedy called a "Civility Parole" existed but it fell out of vogue. Today, the only tools in the current Arbitrator's toolboxes to deal with civility issues are interaction bans, topic bans, and site bans. What new and creative ways would you bring to the table to solve this problem?
  3. Do you believe that the Super Mario Problem exists? How would you fix it?
  4. Do you see value in Admonishments and Warnings as remedies at the end of a case?

Insider Baseball[edit]

  1. Does the workshop serve as a useful portion of a case?


These are my intial thoughts. I asked some questions because I am not 100% locked in with these.