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This bot patrols external sites containing lists of currently-active open proxies, and maintains an internal copy of this list to help prevent socking through them

As originally intended, this would be an Admin bot that blocks proxies as they are added to the list, and unblocks them after they have been gone for some time. It will also tag the proxy's IP talk page explaining the reason for the block, and giving instructions on how to seek IPBE from the checkuser team if appropriate.

Alternatively (and at any case during the trial), the bot will maintain two on-wiki lists: a list of newly added proxies that should be blocked, and a list of proxies that have been delisted for the appropriate amount of time and which could be unblocked. From a privacy (and BEANS) perspective, this is less desirable since it gives a centralized reference for would-be abusers; this is not critical since one could reconstruct such list from the bot's log. The primary advantages of the bot being able to perform the blocks itself are consistency of handling and responsiveness (both in blocking and in unblocking).


The CorenProxyBot is meant to function continuously, without direct human supervision.


CorenProxyBot is coded in perl, using the same basic framework CSBot uses. Neither the source code nor the list of external sites are publicly available to avoid divulging information that could be useful to abusers. They will, however, be made available on request to checkusers.