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Fundamentals of Semiconductors[edit]

Material and Devices[edit]

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Semiconductor Materials
Gallium arsenide
Silicon carbide
Gallium nitride
Chapter 3. Semiconductor Physics
Effective mass (solid-state physics)
Valence band
Electronic band structure
Intrinsic semiconductor
Doping (semiconductor)
Extrinsic semiconductor
Fermi level
Chapter 4. Semiconductor Carrier Action
Charge carrier
Drift velocity
Electron mobility
Carrier scattering
Diffusion current
Carrier generation and recombination
Chapter 5. Semiconductor Junctions
Ohmic contact
Depletion region
P–n junction
Chapter 6. Semiconductor Devices
Semiconductor device
P–n diode
Bipolar junction transistor
Insulated-gate bipolar transistor