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Dylan Thomas

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About Me[edit]

Hello, there. Ich heisse dylan, und ich komme aus White Haven, PA, USA. I have a few hobbies, im a nerd in training as well as a mechanic in training. Ich spreche ein klein Deutsch. I snowboard, am a soon-to-be skateboarder, and love music, playin guitar and chillin with my friends. I love cars, hate rice burners, and am hoping to someday be sponsored by Eibach, Brembo, Borla, StreetGlow, etc. in the future.

I currently reside in Penn Lake Park, Pennsylvania. Yeah, its pretty cool there.

Custom Subaru Wrx Kumascooby, D1 Grand Prix Exhibition


Check out my myspace if you feel like it, or hit me up on my facebook.

Back atcha =D

---dylan (talk) 23:37, 14 February 2008 (UTC)

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