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èI am CrabFrèak. Yèah, I'm going to kèèp using this è. So thèrè. Do you find it frèaky becausè that's my job. Hah!

Proudly part of thè Pèrcy Jackson Taskforcè.

Rick Riordan Task Force
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Our current focus:
Beginning a page on The Hammer of Thor and sending it through AFC review.
Recent publications:
The Hidden Oracle (May 3, 2016); Hotel Valhalla: Guide to the Norse Worlds (August 16, 2016); The Hammer of Thor (October 4, 2016). See for information on upcoming (currently non-notable) books.
Want to help out?
Patrol this watchlist for vandalism and potential new members!
Add this template to your userpage and receive updates! Just add {{Wikipedia:RRTF/Update}}.
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And Childrèn's litèraturè too.

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And I'm proud to bé a WikiPlatapus. Just look hèrè. Hèè hèè.

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Grammar Ninja! Whééé!

GN This user is a Grammar Ninja and says "WAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" as proof.

I speak with UK Ènglish! (Psst... I'm looking for the Babylon témplatè for UK Ènglish; if you can find it I'll award you with 'The Èxcèllent Barnstar for [usèr namé hèrè] who found CrabFreak his UK Èng Babylon tèmplatè'. More userboxes! Yay! And... guess what! I'm not going to use the e!

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