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Abracadabrally: Abracadabrally

Vasily Pavlovich Aksyonov (Russian: Василий Павлович Аксёнов, born August 20, 1932 in Kazan) is a Russian novelist who began his career in the Soviet era. He is known in the West as the author of The Burn (Russian: "Ожог" - Ozhog, 1975) and the critically acclaimed Generations of winter (Russian: "Московская сага", Moskovkaya saga, 1992), a family saga depicting three generations of the Gradov family in 1925–1953.

His other novels are Colleagues ("Коллеги" - Kollegi, 1960); Star Ticket ("Звёздный билет" - Zvyozdny bilet, 1961); Oranges from Morocco ("Апельсины из Марокко" - Apel'siny iz Marokko, 1963); It's Time, My Friend, It's Time ("Пора, мой друг, пора" - Pora, moy drug, pora, 1964); It's a Pity You Weren't with Us ("Жаль, что вас не было с нами" - Zhal', chto vas ne bylo s nami, 1965); Overstocked Packaging Barrels ("Затоваренная бочкотара" - Zatovarennaya bochkotara, 1968); In Search of a Genre ("В поисках жанра" - V poiskakh zhanra, 1972); The Island of Crimea ("Остров Крым" - "Ostrov Krym", 1979); In Search of Melancholy Baby ("В поисках грустного бэби" - V poiskakh grustnogo bebi, 1987); Yolk of the Egg (written in English, 1989); The New Sweet Style ("Новый сладостный стиль" - Novy sladostny stil', 1998); Voltairian Men and Women ("Вольтерьянцы и вольтерьянки" - Volteryantsy i volteryanki, 2004 - won the Russian Booker Prize).

He is a son of Yevgenia Ginzburg.

C'est déjà ça!

From 2001 – 2004, the average temperature was −40° ± 5 — the same temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius — which caused “ice” to form on our… ‘eyelids’. We looked left (←), right (→), up (↑) and down (↓) and then we double-checked and looked right again (⇒), before we realized we couldn't see anything because our eyes were frozen shut. So we bought a Dagger™ dagger (†) for € 50 to cut a hole in the ice and soak our heads.

Ukmergė (Polish Wiłkomierz) is a town in Vilnius County, Lithuania, situated northwest of Vilnius.

lv:Ukmerģe pl:Wiłkomierz ru:Укмерге

50km² and 5000m³ and footnote¹


In some major Latvian cities (e.g. Daugavpils and Rēzekne) Latvians are even outnumbered by Russians and other minorities. Minorities from other countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania etc. also live in Latvia. The ethnic mix of the population of Latvia is largely the result of massive immigration during the years of Soviet occupation, which resulted in a decline of the share of ethnic Latvians from around 80% in 1935 to 52% in 1989.


Wilkomierz Lech Wałęsa