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the voyage of Meskiagkasher/Cush

I am interested in ancient history and formerly in the works of Tolkien (but after a clash with the Tolkien Estate over my maps-website that has lessened). On the internet I use the name "Steven White jr" (after my late father) so I do not have to use my real name and get spammed more than I do already.


Ancient egypt cities.png
Ancient Egypt
NC Mesopotamia sites.jpg
Ancient Mesopotamia
NC Syria sites.jpg
Ancient Levant
NC Anatolia sites.jpg
Ancient Anatolia
updates coming soon

NC manager

The NC manager is the software I wrote myself to edit the data stored in my database. Here's a few screenshots to give an impression of how it works.

Cush NCmanager screenshot 00 main.png
Main window
Cush NCmanager screenshot 20 chart.png
Chart window
Cush NCmanager screenshot 40 pm props.png
Placemarks properties
Cush NCmanager screenshot 42 pm map.png
Placemarks map

For further info see my own forum

New Union Jack, obsolete


Union Jack suggestion after Scottish independence.
Maintaining the English and Irish crosses and adding green for Wales.

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