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I've been a frequent Wikipedia user for years, but haven't made many contributions so far.

About Me[edit]

  • I'm a Second Life resident, where I have an account with the same name. My contributions to Wikipedia will probably be mostly related to SL.
  • I'm a programmer and sysadmin
  • I work on improving the Second Life client (but I don't work for Linden Labs)
  • Dale Glass isn't my real name, it's just the name of my Second Life account.

About Him[edit]

By Tatjana Kidd: Dale forgot to tell He is a very kind and sweet wolf in SL.. Someone you can IM for first time, ask him details about his extraordinary SL client, how he collected some kind of data, etc.. he didn't know me from anywhere, but was never arrogant, or excluded me for being a newbie compared to him. I consider him one of the best SL friends I ever met, even if we never saw each other on SL, only IMed.And I am pretty sure he doesn't even remember me. Thats the best picture I can give of Dale Glass, a 5 stars SLer :)

End of About Him[edit]

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