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Daniel Brockman, software person.

sv Den här användaren talar svenska som modersmål.
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jbo-3 ti poi prenu cu ka'e cusku je jimpe lo mutce bau la lojban
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Gnome-gnu-icon-32x32.png This user is devoted to The Church of Emacs.

Though I’d been using and editing Wikipedia earlier, I became a registered user on the English Wikipedia around March 2004. I do mostly sporadic, editorial changes, but I have made a couple of somewhat larger contributions. My first significant contribution was rewriting most of the computer science article on polymorphism. I also expanded the stub on GObject into a pretty decent article.

I created accounts on the Swedish Wikipedia and both the English and Swedish Wiktionaries on December 13, 2005, but I haven’t really managed to get into that yet. My first pair of Wiktionary entries were on myrornas krig, in both Swedish and English. On March 11, 2007, I created an account on the Lojbanic Wikipedia and proceeded to create le la .OIdipus. stura, the Lojban article on the Oedipus complex. We’ll see how that goes.