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This page is the basis of a talk given at the "ZEW/KMRC Workshop: User behavior and content generation on Wikipedia" at ZEW in Mannheim, November 08-09, 2013.

Interaction Comments
Research about Wikimedia
Wikimedia about Research
  • Wikimedia projects as repositories of knowledge about research, e.g. WP:Science
  • Wikimedia policies about research, e.g. WP:NOR
Research for Wikimedia
  • All too rare, as emphasized in WikiSym keynote by Dario Taraborelli.
    • Many of the papers published about Wikimedia research are not open access
    • As stressed by Ofer Arazy, very few make their processed data available
    • Many of the nice tools (e.g. for visualization, classification) used in the presentations here would also be useful for Wikimedians, but they are rarely open source, rarely platform-independent and often require registration
Wikimedia for Research

with Wikimedia