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It all started when I got bored at work and began making lots of piddling little corrections to various articles I happened to glance at in my free-association runs. I then wrote or rewrote several articles about spammers, including the one for Billy Williams when I realised that a mention of him in a list of spammers just redirected to a disambiguation page that didn't even mention him! I'm now helping out with anime shows, and have started articles on the Protodeviln, Space Battleship Yamato (spaceship), Space Battleship Yamato characters and Space Battleship Yamato planets. I also know a lot about Doctor Who, though usually I'm too late to do anything other than tidying articles. As one of the few remaining Beavis and Butt-head fans in captivity, I also single-handedly cleaned up the article on The Great Cornholio, heh heh hmm heh heh, that ruled! "Uhh, so what did you, like, use that single hand for? Uh huh huh huh!" Shut up, buttwipe!

I'm also doing what you might call vigilante reversions, where I check to see what other articles have been vandalised by the IP-address vandals of the day, and whether any of these haven't been reverted yet. It's a small step towards managing the chaos, but popups have made this somewhat quicker!

If you care, "Dave-ros" comes from my name (David) and the Doctor Who character Davros, creator of the Daleks. There, see, it wasn't worth asking, was it?

Feel free to vandalise this page, if you have the guts to sign your name, and you can actually spell. And please actually try to be funny, don't just blank the page and write "ur mama"!

Am thinking of registering the name "Dave-ros on wheels!" just to be on the safe side...

Have learned quite a bit of basic Japanese (partly from online resources and partly from watching anime), but don't know nearly enough to warrant editing the Japanese version, particularly as I'm clueless when it comes to kanji!