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Myself and interests

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I'm a sysop on the English-speaking Wikipedia and a member of the board of Wikimédia France.

I'm mostly interested in articles about cooking, computer science, mathematics, and articles related to France (hey, at least I know what I'm talking about there).


Modus operandi

On matters for which it is possible to do so (law, technical matters...), I like precision — thus, I prefer to refer to authoritative sources rather than to commentaries or hearsay. For instance, I contributed to a number of articles on the French government or French law and strived to give references to the actual legal texts discussed.

I think that it is bad practice to discuss legal or technical matters using press articles (unless in specialized press). My understanding is that most of the time, the journalist who wrote the article does not know what he or she is talking about, or may simplify the matter, or may distort it to fit his point of view, or his publication's point of view, etc.

Main contributions

I wrote, apart many stubs and additions to many articles, and smaller articles that I can't remember:

Featured articles where I was one of the main contributors:

See also:

Floated ideas

Proposal of disclaimer for dangerous activities Computing notes

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