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I mostly enjoy spending time adding information to and editing scientific articles, such as:

Also, I like to add (much needed, IMHO) images to articles of a scientific nature. eg. [1]

I am strongly scientifically skeptical and as such I have little patience for pseudoscience or mysticism being inserted into legitimate rational articles on Wikipedia. It seems that this is a common occurrence on Wiki and I do my best to keep NPOV in articles where this is an issue. Though sometimes it is rather difficult!! :o)

Check out my images of light source spectra, they're oh so exciting![edit]

Pula Arena
This is a panoramic view of the interior of the Pula Arena, a Roman amphitheatre in Pula, Croatia. Constructed between 27 BC and AD 86, it is among the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the world, and is the best-preserved ancient monument in the country. The amphitheatre appears on the Croatian ten-kuna banknote.Photograph credit: Diego Delso
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