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Hello and Welcome to my user page[edit]

Delighted is a word used to mean really happy or glad. Eyes are the things on your face with which you are seeing the screen. Basicly the phrase means happy or glad eyes or from the Celtic happy or glad some thing is there. And with that I will bid you nos da which means good night in Welsh and finally ddiolch which mean thank you in Welsh Yours Delightedeyes x x x * {{frs user|{{subst:currentuser}}|limit}}

If you have come here angry please see wikipedia:Don't be a fanatic and Wikipedia:Don't be a dick before typing anything. If you haven't then my name is Nerys, 24, qualified to write degree level english and big fan of all things taffy including myself.Delighted eyes 03:57, 31 July 2007 (UTC)* Delighted eyes (talk · contribs) – Limit: limit per calendar month.

Useful information for people arriving here[edit]

I am sick of changing things like this "I like this, this, 'this', and this" The this in italics/bold does not require a ,comma in English. However, I am aware that in American it might. So if a page is completely in American English I will leave it (but it is very irritating) as wikipeda preferes grammer to be in one coutries english or the other to avoid confusion. I personally wish it would state which one for individual pages but there ya go.

This is due to the fact that the wikipedia arbitration commitee have ruled that either style is acceptable but it is only appropriate to change the style if it is to bring harmony to the nationality of the subject.e.g. Put British grammer to a British article. This is a quote from the Wikipedia:Manual of style "for example, it is acceptable to change from American to British spelling if the article concerns a British topic, and vice versa"(Retreived 30/07/2007).

This means that to enforce wiki rules and to help the public of the country most likely to be looking up the article I will proof read articles to the style of their country of origin but I accept that it is difficult to speak three different types of English especially when it comes to grammer. This counts for terms, names, spelling and writing style and if you are unsure please see the manual of style or a page which will explain to you the difference between American, British and Australian English plus the possibility that English may be different in other x Empire countries like India and South Africa. Plus the fact that English in Gibralter may differ slightly although it is a British country.

also please understand what a reference is it is no good sticking a link to a website about eastenders at the end of a sentence about neighbours and saying its a reference. the information you ve written about should be a own words version of what is on the PAGE you are using as the reference. THAT IS WHAT A REFERENCE IS. it is also not a proper reference to link it back to just the site where the information can be found, you have to specify page for example NOT but you imagine leaving people to trawl through the entire wikipedia site to find what your on about ???? see Wikipedia:Citing sources

How to change colours on wikipedia[edit]

"for different colors: TEXT THAT YOU WISH TO BE COLORED color names are limited, if you know hex code this works too. for different pages: wikimarkup works here For example: Shannon would display "Shannon" but it would link to your talk page. Shannon would display "Shannon" but would link to your page." type < font color="(the color, for example green is 00CD00)"> and around the words you want coloured

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1. I do not like to sleep. 2. I do not like editing my user page. 3. I will not stand for abuse of my heritage. Calling me a taffy will not go down well and nor will you any where nr me with that attitude. 4. I am a woman 5. I am not insulting myself by saying that it is pure fact. 6. Due to my age other users may have a differing opinion of wether I am old enough to count as one. 7. Mind your own bussiness. 8. I cannot spell and I am dyslexic. 9. Someone deleted my pic with out asking or disscussing. I hate that. 10. Do not try to defend the fact that you have set an article back into the dark ages to get rid of a bit of graffiti. Just delete it for uks sake or ask for citation, you never know daffy duck may have been the first Duck in Space.

I am an expert on drugs and alll stuff to do wit being on drugs and am in fact a druggie but unfortunatley these pages seem to get vandalised quite a lot and have censorship problems and stigma problems, nationality problems, total abuse problems, abandonment problems in fact I have not read a good one yet for such an important subject.I am also good at knowin stuff about Wales. i have done lots of pages. I have had another ID and forgotten it and forgotten I even had it. Probably the same time as I had nothin to do last year. i am not sorry about that.


This user has become comfortably numb.

=trying to get me name in colours=and its a seriously long format Delight edeyes contribs

Delightedeyes contribs

Still can't get it to let me use this as my signiture as it does not like the html tags and tells me to check them but for now it looks pretty. Anybody who knows can leave me a note cheers D.E