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The Lincoln Highway was planned to pass through some of the areas that became SR 930, in 1913. These sections of SR 930 that is concurrent withHhighway open through Indiana and the city of Fort Wayne.[1] In 1917 Main Market route number 2 was the given number to the Lincoln Highway in Indiana.[2][3] The route became SR 2 from Illinois state line to Valparaiso, SR 44 Valparaiso to Fort Wayne and SR 2 from Fort Wayne to Ohio state line. In the early 1920s, the Lincoln Highway was moved farther south between Valparaiso and Fort Wayne, to what is now known mostly as Old US 30, passing through Plymouth and Warsaw.[4] The part of US 30 in Dyer that is known as the ideal section of the Lincoln Highway was opened in 1923 and rebuilt in the 1990s.[5][6] Then in 1924, the sections of the road that was part of the original Lincoln Highway was paved.[7][8] The next few years the rest of the route was paved across Indiana and then in 1926 US 30 was commission.[6][9][10] In 1927, a small realignment between Hanna and SR 29 (current US 35) took place.[10][11] Before Coliseum Boulevard was built, in 1950s, the highway went through downtown Fort Wayne. When Coliseum Boulevard was built US 30 was reroute onto it, making a bypass around Fort Wayne. Then in 1998, US 30 was moved onto I–69 and I–469, bypassing most of Fort Wayne and New Haven on the north and east side of the two towns.[12]

In 1950 the route, that is concurrent with Coliseum Boulevard, was built as US 30 to bypass the downtown area of Fort Wayne. Then in 1998 the US 30 was rerouted onto I–69 and I–469 and the route that became SR 930 was decommission. INDOT tried to give the route to local control, but Allen County, the city of Fort Wayne, and the City of New Haven did not have funds for the roadway. That is when INDOT commissioned the route as SR 930.[12]

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