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Nothing much to say.

I have the following biases:

  • I am agnostic. By this I mean that while I feel all religions equally unlikely and their followers far too credulous, you cannot prove a negative conclusively: so the FSM or IPU may yet turn out to be truth. I am not hostile to other beliefs, though: my wife is LDS.
  • I strongly disapprove of Copyright law in all its forms, and release as much of my work as I can on the public domain or OSF-compatible CC license. Thus, all original and attributed work by myself on Wikipedia is also jointly released to the public domain. As PD work, it may be considered under the GFDL (or any other license) if you wish: but you can't be successfully sued for using it.
  • I strongly disapprove of the GPL and FSF. I have written on this at some length: [1] Particularly reprehensible are their abuse of the terms "Free" and "Rights" - which brings me to my next topic.
  • I think both wars in the middle east (Iraq and Afghanistan) were criminally stupid. I maintained from the outset that: no safety would be gained for the US or UK from these campaigns (they would increase the damage done, by making recruitment much easier for the terrorists); no increase in stability in the middle east would come from these campaigns; no weapons of mass destruction would be found in Saddam's country; and both wars would drag on interminably beyond whatever point the governments claimed the wars "ended", costing tons of money and profiting only the arms manufacturers and oil companies.
  • I believe that, in the vast majority of Holy war arguments, both options are crap. I generally prefer whichever works best for me (Democracy, FireFox) but appreciate that no one solution will suit everyone, all the time. Because, the options are all crap, whether it's OS or license. No I don't have better suggestions, but they're still crap.

More as I think of them.

Do feel free to chat.

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