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Occasionally, I may edit Wikipedia while logged out, for a variety of reasons. This is an incomplete list of IP addresses that I have made edits under, followed by a list of each edit done by each IP - edits that I performed have a green background. That is all this color means; it does not have any bearing on the quality or appropriateness of any given edit. If you need to know whether I've edited while logged out from an IP not listed here, please ask me (note that I cannot answer this for IPs that I never edited from while logged out, since I don't have a private/personal list of all IPs I've ever used).

I have placed a notice, which briefly describes its purpose and links back here, on the talk page of each IP address listed below. To prevent abuse or impersonation, the notice itself is fully protected and it will not display on any other page it is transcluded onto.

Page Timestamp Edit summary
William H. Macy 14:51, 5 April 2008 (On Set behavior: rm completely unsourced and potentially libelous section, per WP:LIVING) 
User:Dinoguy1000/Manga 19:43, 3 April 2008  
Hypernucleus 21:30, 13 September 2007  
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