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12-23-08 Thanks for providing the cite. I restored the deletion and added the cite. Articles for artists like Mylon, whom I like and appreciate, and others who are not known to mainstream readers/editors are often flagged for ommission of citations for data included in the article. The Mylon article has a flag on it for that very reason. If you add something, add in the citation for it. Click on the icon at the right end of the bar and drop in the citation. And when you leave a message, please sign it. Doctorfun (talk) 05:03, 23 December 2008 (UTC)

Regarding the issue of Mylon's 1st royalty check, this is taken from a live interview with Mylon in the late '80's, and can be found at I want this left in. Thank You very much!

PS. Since when do YOU decide what is and what is not relevant in an article? I find it relevant and so might others.

I'm so sorry I did not sign my note. Since I have a life separate of wikipedia, I don't know everything about it. JaxJaguar (talk)