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Today's motto...
Fas est et ab hoste doceri
("It is lawful to be taught even by an enemy")

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About Doin'Huh 3.5[edit]

Hi! If you're here, please sign my guestbook!

Yes, I know that my username is rather odd, so I will explain for you. My username is after my paternal great-grandfather's WWII Jeep (like this one, which was named after how my then 2-year-old grandmother used to ask you either how you were or what you were doing. Doin'Huh II is her kayak, and my father's 1997 and 2001 Jeep Wranglers are/were Doin'Huh III (the 1997 got totaled when a guy t-boned the right front tire and bent the axle and frame). So...yeah, that's why.

If you want to find out anything else, please read my list of userboxen here, but please be warned that it will take a while. I have WAY too many. However, I will give you the basics here:

the Facts[edit]

Name: Not telling! I'm on Wikipedia for a reason, and idiocy is not it!

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Where I Live: Somewhere in the northeastern United States.

Likes: Wikipedia(duh), watching sports(especially baseball(go Red Sox), college football, and NASCAR), chess, computer programming, Star Wars, American and world history, photography/videography, people with odd senses of humor, cooking, pizza, computers, algebra, parentheses, blowing stuff up, lighting stuff on fire, music, sarcasm, reading, Quizbowl, and Mathcounts. Basically your average nerd-girl stuff, although I generally do said nerd-girl stuff with a bunch of guys(I am one of like four nerd-girls in my entire high school)

Wow. that was long.

Dislikes: broccoli, mean people, sexists, bad spelling/grammar, the New York Yankees, Kyle Busch, Robby Gordon, mushrooms, rap music(sorry, I mean noise), and vandals.

What I'll do here[edit]

I intend to help out with a lot of the YA lit articles, mostly the ones involving the Inheritance Cycle, Twilight, Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials,The Chronicles of Narnia, Redwall,Percy Jackson and the Olympians,and others. I know quite a lot about them, especially Artemis Fowl, Twilight, Percy, and Eragon(I'm a member of WikiProject Inheritance Cycle, WikiProject Artemis Fowl, and The percy Jackson Task Force). I will also help out with anything that's listed in my ever-expanding list of userboxen!! Furthermore, if I'm reading an article on (let's say) frogs, and I notice a glaring spelling/grammar error, I'm GOING to fix it. Period.

Rick Riordan Task Force
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Our current focus:
Improving Draft:The Hammer of Thor and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard.
Recent publications:
The Hammer of Thor (October 4, 2016); The Dark Prophecy (May 2, 2017); Camp Half-Blood Confidential(May 2 2017); The Ship of the Dead (October 3, 2017). See for information on upcoming (currently non-notable) books.
Want to help out?
Patrol this watchlist for vandalism and potential new members!
Add this template to your userpage and receive updates! Just add {{Wikipedia:RRTF/Update}}.


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