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Batman2005, although, I thoroughly disagree with his views on my future wife, Raven.

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I stole an idea from MiraLuka and created my own Userboxes.

My soapbox[edit]

I want to say that US gang graffiti in Iraq is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard of. the fact that the irresponsible media would give this 2 seconds of acknowledgement really pisses me off since that what these people want. To be heard. I can understand why young people join gangs. Everybody needs love and if you don't get it at home, you're gonna look in the streets. I just don't agree with it. Criminal activity is wrong. I wish these people would get an education and stop filling up the jails and cemeteries. Give back to society instead of taking from it.

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A. Evans on IMDb
I plan on using this real soon. Not notable. Right.