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Week 1: Reviewing Psychology methods[edit]

Most of you have been in my classes, so you should remember what I taught you about finding and evaluating information in Psychology. Below are links to my Youtube videos on these topics.

Wikipedia Basics[edit]

Click the Interactive Training Button above and do the Welcome and the Core modules.

 1. Bring to our meeting:
   A. A research article in Psychology.  Be prepared to defend that it is a research article.
   B. A literature review article in Psychology.  Be prepared to defend that it is a literature review article.
 2. By noon on 2/3, email to my York account a reaction paper to the Welcome and Core Wikipedia modules. Bring a copy to our meeting.
    What is a reaction paper? A reaction paper is, as the name implies, your reaction to the assignment. The reaction paper should be typed 
    and at least 250 words (everything is double spaced in APA style). It doesn't have to be perfect, but it will represent you academically 
    so you should give yourself the proper time to think and write; and to proofread it at least once. The paper is your chance to impress me 
    with your understanding of the work you have done ... to showcase it. Reactions are not fully formed works like class papers. If you are 
    stuck for ideas for your paper, here are some stock topics: a. most interesting idea(s) in the assignment, b. implications of something in the assignment, 
    c. something is complicated in the assignment, I'm gonna' map it out here to understand it, d. muddiest idea in the assignment 
    (be careful, this is your chance to impress me; you can't impress by being lost, so you need to show me that you've tried to understand it).

Week 2[edit]

Continue the Interactive Training through the Editing section.

Due: 2/10/15 - noon.
1. Create a userpage.
2. Put appropriate things on it.
3. Create a sandbox (save one from the interactive training) and make a link to it from your userpage.
4. Post a hello on my talk page.
5. Post to the discussion page (see the above button) a reaction paper on the topic of the Editing section of the interactive training.

Weeks 3 & 4[edit]

Finish the Interactive Training (Medical Topics, General Advice, Advanced and Background).


:Editing Wikipedia brochure :Using Talk Pages :Evaluating Wikipedia :Choosing an article :Citing Sources on Wikipedia :Avoiding Plagiarism



Due: 2/24/15 - noon.
1. Create a portfolio page (as a sandbox page off your User Page) and have an easy to find link to it on your User Page.
2. Post on the discussion page a reaction paper on a topic from the rest of the interactive training, one of the readings or psychology project.
3. Post on your portfolio page five (5) Psychology articles you would wish to edit to improve. These articles should come from the project page you visited.
For each article you wish to improve:
a. What did the project page say about this article?
b. Why does this article need improvement (be specific)?
i. list the tags which could be removed
ii. list other changes


To complete this course with an A, you will need to:

1. edit 5 Wikipedia articles on Psychology. Each edit must correct most of the article’s tags and add at least one section of text to the article with a Psychology supported citation appropriate to Wikipedia’s citations standards.

2. create a new Wikipedia article on Psychology. This new article must meet the qualifications for submission for Good Article review on Wikipedia.

All of these elements will need to be documented in your Portfolio page.

Editing documentation[edit]

To document each edit in your Portfolio page, you will need to:

  • Briefly describe your preparation to edit the page, specifically the reasons why you chose this article. Provide a link to supporting information.
  • Briefly describe your preparation to edit the page, specifically the article’s existing tags and your plans to resolve them. Provide a link to the tags.
  • Briefly describe your preparation to edit the page, specifically what text additions you plan to make. Describe what happened when you invited editors to review your planed edits.
  • Briefly describe your Psychology appropriate citations (which may not be appropriate citations for Wikipedia’s standards).
  • Briefly describe your preparation to edit the page, specifically what happened when you posted on the article’s talk page of your intention to edit. Provide a link.
  • Monitor the page after you have edited it. Briefly describe any edits done to your edits and the resolution of that situation. Provide links.

New Article procedure[edit]

  • Follow the procedures for creating a Good Article criteria article. Do this in a sandbox.
  • Get it reviewed. Have other students in the project review it informally. Ask editors for a review. Ask them to add tags (to your sandbox) and give you feedback in a way valuable to you.
  • Once you have resolved problems from this first informal review, ask another student in the class for a review using this table {{subst:GATable}} and then ask for my review.
  • Once your resolve my feedback, copy your article from the sandbox to Wikipedia.

Portfolio Documentation[edit]

Briefly describe the steps you took to create the article, including:

  • Why you chose this topic.
  • How you verified Wikipedia appropriate citations with Psychology appropriate citations.
  • Changes you made in response to feedback. I expect this to be carefully documented in your portfolio including links to review comments and the changes you made.
  • What happened when you moved your article to Wikipedia.