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On Wikipedia[edit]

Wikipedia, the only encyclopedia in English written by third-graders, non-English speakers, and just plain illiterates. Want to read nonsense, opinion masquerading as fact, and just plain lies, all written in substandard English? Wikipedia is the place to find it!

On Democracy:[edit]

"Democracy has few values of its own: it is as good, or as bad, as the principles of the people who operate it. In the hands of a liberal and tolerant people, it will produce a liberal and tolerant government; in the hands of cannibals, a government of cannibals." - Norman Davies, Europe: A History p969.

Spending blood and treasure so that a cannibal people can elect a government of cannibals, to support cannibalism, is rather stupid. Thinking the cannibals if given democracy will abolish cannibalism and buy our Hostess Twinkies, making us richer, is even more foolish.

On Linking[edit]

I hate the practice of adding tons of irrelevant links. Ordinary words should not be linked. It is possible to link almost every word.

Links should be made only to call attention to related material, not simply because the word has a Wikipedia article for it. Linking every noun in a sentence is not helpful. If you don't know what a noun is, you should not be editing. Keep in mind, every time you add a link, you lessen the value of the other links on the page. Finally, pages filled with linked words are difficult to read.

Articles I created:[edit]

Hans von Salmuth