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Greetings. Actually, my name is the combining of my nickname (Edgar, "great spear man") & my wife's nickname (Edna, "pleasure, delight")...we have very strange friends.

I am currently new to Wikipedia (joined January 2, 2007), but am learning to edit where there seems to be a need. I suppose my best contributions would be on unfinished or incomplete articles that few would want to spend much time on - it's the little things that make me happy. However, I may begin to edit more popular articles that would benefit from my meager knowledge as I become a more capable editor.

Perhaps the best test of my editing skills will be this page. As my competence grows, so will the aesthetics of this page & the projects I will be involved in that will be listed here.

I have begun my editorial debut on the very obscure Hebrew name Amzi, which I am sure only the exceptionally weird (like myself) would be at all interested in. I received a few pointers from a couple of very kind individuals concerning this article that have already benefited me in various ways & the page became a redirected section to a more appropriate page. It would behoove me not to at least mention their names: Fayenatic london & Real96. Thanks guys.

Edgaredna (Talk)