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About me[edit]

My name is Lizzie Wilson and I'm a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I'm majoring in Psychology (B.S.) and Biology (B.S.) and minoring in Chemistry. I started editing Wikipedia through Dr. Eric Youngstrom's Mood, Emotions, and Clinical Child Assessment Lab (MECCA) at UNC. Eric Youngstrom specializes in bipolar disorder, sleep, and evidence based assessment (EBA).

My wikipedia editing is done in association with the Helping Give Away Psychological Science organization (HGAPS), a 501(c)3 which was started in 2016 at UNC Chapel Hill. I am the current past-president of the UNC Chapel Hill branch of HGAPS, which was the inaugural branch of HGAPS. HGAPS works to create and update Wikipedia pages for evidence-based psychological assessments and other educational and informational evidence-based resources for clinicians and the general public that are: (a) high in quality; (b) free; and (c) easily accessible. We also respond to current events and popular topics with psychological first aid.

Listed below are projects and pages that I have been involved in through HGAPS and MECCA Lab on Wikipedia, Wikiversity, and beyond.

Pages created[edit]

Pages heavily edited[edit]

Assessment Pages on Wikipedia

Diagnostic Portfolios

Evidence-Based Assessment pages on Wikiversity


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