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I love the Humanities! I really enjoy World History and Geography, as well as learning about each culture I encounter. Naturally, I enjoy travelling abroad, despite the fact that I live in the most wonderful region in the world (though perhaps, those who hate rainy weather may not agree). I am especially interested in Military History, as well as the basic concepts of Human Geography. My username should give you the impression that I'm somewhat of a Francophile, though I have yet to improve my French. In reality though, I'm interested in all aspects of history, whether it be the Incas or Byzantines, Spain or China, and so forth. I feel that History and Geography can help us understand the world's conflicts and tribulations better, and allow us to comprehend the difficulties that other countries face today.

Outside of World History and Geography, I also appreciate Macroeconomics because it allows us to see the global economy and its tendencies and progressions. While I understand that some may think that economic models and coefficients are too difficult or complicated to grasp, in my eyes Macroeconomics simplifies economics by condensing statistics into numerical data. Models help quantify our world's diverse and complex markets.

Oh, and if you're wondering I chose my username - it was simply one of the few that were not taken yet. Picking a Wikipedia username is a bit tough at times!

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