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ems joined Wikipedia on 29 January 2006. His original motivation was to help improve his compiling of sentences.

en-3 This user can contribute with an advanced level of English.
?? This user tends to leave out random ltters from wrds.

Stuff he started[edit]

(by date, oldest to newest; excluding redirects and anything else you think would be excluded in such a list)

Articles he started[edit]

  1. Pinchus Feldman
  2. Yeshiva Gedolah (merged into Yeshiva)
  3. Yeshiva College (Sydney) (merged into Yeshiva Centre)
  4. Yeshiva Gedolah (Sydney) (merged into Yeshiva Centre)
  5. Shaliach
  6. Cheder Chabad Lubavitch (merged into Yeshiva Centre)
  7. Kesser Torah (school)
  8. Abraham Rabinovitch
  9. Hayom Yom
  10. Education and Sharing day
  11. Chaim Gutnick
  12. Yeshiva Centre
  13. Bruce Ellis
  14. Australian Jewish News
  15. Hadran al HaRambam
  16. Ohr Somayach (book)
  17. Chiddushei Rabbeinu Chaim
  18. Even HaEzel
  19. Avi Ezri
  20. List of commentaries on Mishneh Torah
  21. Premier award
  22. Charon (browser)
  23. Simeon the Just
  24. Yossi Feldman

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