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Name: Erik Broomé

Living in Linköping, Sweden

Occupation: Student (medicine since - jan 06)


Capillary leak syndrome


Norwegian Meteorological Institute (don't ask!)

List of problems solved by MacGyver (one of my favorite articles, admittingly not very usful but HEY, it's FUN! Great ideas for science class...) I've written the outline for Season 3.

Three riddles[edit]

1.) Two persons A and B are talking.

A: Yesterday I met three persons. If you multiply their ages you get the number 2450. And if you sum their ages and divide by two, you get your age. Can you figure out how old they are?

B: (Quite a few minutes later...) That's impossible, I need to know more!

A: What if I tell you that I'm the oldest person of us all...

B: Then I know the answer.

The question is: How old is person A? (Yes it's A, and it's possible to figure out.)

2.) You have three switches turned OFF in room A connected (in a hidden way) to three light bulbs in room B. Your task is to figure out wich lamp is connected to each of thee three swiches. The catch is that when you enter room B, you can't get back to room A. How do you do it? (Hint: Think outside the matemathical box!)

3.) In a lottery game, a car is hidden behind one of three doors. Behind the two other are empty. The rules are that a person selects a door and afterwards one of the empty doors are opened for him to see. Then he gets the chance to switch door, is it a good move to do so?

Answers are found under my talk page...good luck!

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