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Australia road sign W5-29.svg WikiProject Australian Roads
 A WikiProject at the intersection of WikiProject Highways and WikiProject Australia
WikiProject Australian Roads
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Welcome to WikiProject Australian Roads. Several Wikipedians have formed this collaboration resource and group dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of roads in Australia, and the organization of information and articles on this topic. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions and various resources; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians interested in the topic. If you would like to help, please join the project, inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list below.


WikiProject Australian Roads maintains and improves articles related to road transportation in Australia, excluding vehicles. This scope covers all articles within the Roads in Australia category structure, and some of the articles within the wider Road transport in Australia category.

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The key points in the mission are explained below:

  • continually improve – There is no endpoint for the project, as roads are continually being built, upgraded and extended.
  • coverage – Here coverage refers to both quality of coverage and breadth of coverage.
  • Australian roads – The project mission is directly related to its scope. Articles outside of the project scope should collaborated on at a more appropriate venue.
  • on Wikipedia – Improving Wikipedia is the core reason for editing Wikipedia. All of the projects articles and edits should be consistent with Wikipedia's principles, policies and guidelines.
  • through collaboration – This refers to both inter-editor collaboration within this project (through discussion and shared resources), and inter-project colloboration (working with the other projects / task forces within WikiProject Highways and WikiProject Australia).


Long term goals are:

  • Improve articles and lists to featured status
  • Complete coverage of national and state highways and major roads (no important redlinks)

Medium term goals are:

  • Develop standards and guidelines for Australian road articles (to compliment existing Wikipedia-wide guidelines)
  • Get at least one article to GA status for each state and mainland territory

Short term goals are:

  • Identify editors who may be interested and ask them to join
  • Tag and assess all articles within the project scope (see the projects Assessment page)
  • Develop project resources, to be listed and explained on the Resources page

To do[edit]

Here are some important tasks you can do to help WikiProject Australian Roads:

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for WikiProject Australian Roads:
Create missing articles Redlinked or unlinked roads in Highways in Australia, or the state listings
Expand short articles Start and stub-class articles - Include information such as history, future works, and route description, intersection list, an infobox, navboxesinterchange
Cleanup articles See cleanup listing
Copyedit articles All articles, but particularly prior to nominating articles at WP:GAN, WP:HWY/ACR, WP:FAC
Assess articles See Category:Unassessed Australian Roads articles and Category:Unknown-importance Australian Roads articles


To join the project, add you username below, and a comment specifying your main areas of interest:

  1. Evad37 (talk · contribs) − Project founder; Main focus is Perth and Western Australia


Main page: WikiProject Australian Roads/Assessment

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