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This is a record of my contributions to the Did You Know? column on the main page.


Article Contribution Date (featured) Hook
Pyramid of Sahure created August 29, 2007 link
Heitstrenging created September 12, 2007 link
Pyramid of Senusret I created September 19, 2007 link
Stiefelgeiss created September 25, 2007 link
Golden guernsey created September 27, 2007 link
Oxidizable carbon ratio dating created November 7, 2007 link
Pyramid of Neferefre created May 20, 2008 link
George E. Moore created June 21, 2008 link
The Split of Life nominated July 6, 2008 link
Patriotic Nigras created August 18, 2008 link
Jamnapari goat created August 19, 2008 link